The Digital Bank of Africa, DBA Historic Token Sale Begins

The Digital Bank of Africa, DBA is pleased to announce to the general public the start of its much anticipated token sales on DafriExchange. 70 million DBA currency are available for sales during The 7-month long token sales which will conclude on September 15, 2021.

The last few weeks have witnessed a large throng of DBA community members and supporters complete their KYC and registration on DafriExchange in preparation for the token sales. All is set as the token sales commenced today.

In several ways, this is a historic moment much similar to Bitcoin’s inception. DBA represents a lot for Africa. This is a giant leap towards a revolutionary African economy. No other African project better exemplifies the power for positive impact in the economy that the Digital Bank of Africa project embodies. DBA also has the special distinction of being the Pan-African cryptocurrency with the most number of use cases as it finds relevant application in a plethora of industries in the African market including Finance, Hospitality, Real Estate, Blockchain, and many more.

Indeed the Digital Bank of Africa project is set to affect change in the African economy ushering in a payment system like no other that simplifies payment processing while empowering every user. DBA also wishes to use this opportunity to reiterate the purpose of its token sales. It is not to capitalize the DBA project or any of its subsidiaries. Rather it is designed to give equal opportunity to everyone to own the revolutionary DBA currency and to decide its future.

Reacting to the start of the DBA token sales, DBA group Managing Director, Ms. Catherine Buhle says: “A lot of excitement is in the air and we have all earned that right. For the DBA team, we are thrilled because several months of relentless hard work and commitment to DBA excellence has got us to this point in our journey. For the DBA community, it is a celebration of the launch of a cryptocurrency they can truly call theirs. Together we celebrate the successful start of the sales of the DBA currency today knowing that this is just the beginning. Now the real work begins as we continue to work to take DBA to new heights of success. We will never rest on our laurels. Special thanks to our loyal community who have stayed with us all through this journey and continue to do so. These are the real heroes behind our successful sales launch. At the end of the day, DBA is the people’s currency and its growth will be community-driven.”

About the Digital Bank of Africa project

The Digital Bank of Africa project is a borderless digital bank specifically built to serve as an electronic payment gateway system for digital entrepreneurs and merchants. A product of DafriBank PLC, this revolutionary digital bank project will also target the unbanked and underbanked in Africa. DafriBank is a subsidiary of DafriGroup PLC. The DBA token will be used to facilitate payment across all of DafriGroup’s subsidiaries.

For more information about the DBA token sales, kindly join the official DBA telegram group here. Also commence your KYC and registration on DafriExchange.

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