No Airdrop?

Understanding our no airdrop policy.

Everyone like freebies but is ‘free’ really ‘free’?.

Of course, we do like to maximise every marketing opportunity that best align with our goals even freebies. You can call us; Mr Nice Guy.

One thing is fundamental, our goals will ultimately drive the course.

Let’s give you the full gist of why we do what we do:

A rare breed of zebras found a new planet full of diverse mineral resources. Yes, they found a treasure but a planet is nothing without people right?. So these zebras say to themselves; ‘let’s invite other discovery addicts to move to our planet and even those who are in sort of a twilight zone on what they really want out of life. We’re going to give them free money if they come’.

This may seem like a childlike approach to defining what Airdrops are but in reality, it’s not.

In 1850, America enacted a procession of the Homestead Acts in which applicants who were willing to farm on mapped out areas were granted full ownership of those lands. This was in ‘itself’ an implementation of the ‘Airdrop’ strategy.

The goal is still the same; in exchange for actions, applicants will get a reward.

In the crypto space, it’s more of; join our Telegram community, like and retweet our pinned post, follow our twitter page, subscribe to our YouTube channel and so on.

It seems like everyone is a winner; the owners of the project will generate demand for their token, and ‘airdrop hunters’ will receive tokens for free, which may turn out to be worth a fortune, when they get listed on exchanges. But, is there any downside to airdrops?.

What’s so bad about Airdrops?.

Airdrop is actually an awesome marketing strategy to build crypto communities and create overall awareness.

Other than fill the Telegram groups and increase twitter following, do they really convert to active engagement?.

Data reveals that most ‘airdrop hunters’ are fixated on picking up free tokens and moving on to the next ‘big thing’ in the ecosystem. The quality of the users engaging in these airdrops is questionable. A lot of bots and “silent users” will join the chat or follow the social channels and never interact with the project or even check the website.

Our no Airdrop policy is inspired by our desire to prevent major sell-off and pump and dump scenarios. Hence, we have created a structure that encourages organic active individual engagement and shared ownership.

For us, airdrop is like taking money out of genuine investors pockets and giving it to those who are focused on “free money” rather than supporting the project.

Since airdrops carry no risk, alot of people who receive airdrops will turn around and sell them the moment they become tradeable, causing the value to plummet drastically. As a result, early investors will see the value of their investment drop, and that’s not good for loyalty.

Our goals

One of the areas which we are constantly trying to improve on is the narrative of our project.

Our goal is to spearhead Crypto Adoption in Africa with innovations that integrates crypto into daily activities. We prioritise building customer relationships that last through economic cycles.

We’re focused on creating custom utilities that best serve the needs of people. Ultimately, problem solvers will invariably pull in attention over time.

For sustainability, building solid usecases that will drive traction to DBA is our utmost priority:


DafriBank Digital is set to transform the old commercial banking systems with its revolutionary Banking model that will allow access to a wide range of financial services without entry barriers. DafriBank Digital is projected to begin operation in the third quarter of 2021. DBA is the native token of DafriBank Digital.

Crypto Exchange

DafriXchange is set to become one of Africa’s most loved cryptocurrrency derivatives exchange with its jaw-dropping low fee.


DafriAir is a soon to be launched futuristic crypto-friendly airline that will offer travellers the opportunity to pay for trips using popular cryptocurrencies including DBA.

Real Estate

DafriEstate Ltd will be the first indigenous African real estate company that will accept cryptocurrencies including DBA for its services.


Our partnership with Umeh Motors will allow the purchase of diverse luxury cars with DBA .


OMAHA Hotels is the first luxury hotel chain in Africa to accept DBA and other cryptocurrencies.

We believe that crypto can and will change the world in a positive way. Everything we do is to get ourselves closer to our goals.



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