DafriGroup PLC Raises the Bar with 3 Innovative Projects


This digital banking outfit represents a departure from the anachronistic standards of traditional banking systems, through the application of global digital trends to expedite, automate banking processes, and extend the realm of possibilities in banking services. Unarguably the biggest revelation in the last decade is the blockchain technology and its most visible application in cryptocurrency which has distinguished itself to be more than a passing fad and is now proving an integral part of the next financial revolution. It has the potential to outperform conventional banking products while offering greater efficiency, less bureaucracy, and more transparency. Any brand with a long-term vision to stay afloat would either begin to draw a framework that will pave the way for future integration or lose to competitors. In line with our mission to be at the forefront of digital economic development in Africa, DafriBank is a crypto-friendly digital Bank with integrated options that will enable our clients to seamlessly buy, store and exchange cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is one of many conduits used to deliver exceptional banking services to our customers. But we remain a digital banking platform that focuses on banking services ranging from cross-border payments, and bill-payments to account management and credit-card services.

DafriXchange Africa

This full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange platform under the aegis of DafriGroup PLC is further proof that we keep our fingers on the pulse of innovation and technological development in the African context. Some features of our beginner-friendly top-tier platform include high liquidity, competitive fees and pricing, fast payment features, coin variety and fast payment processing; with security and reliability underpinning operations. We have embedded bank-grade security safeguards into all of our services such as Advanced Encryption where necessary, KYT (Know your transactions), KYC (Know your customers), and AML (Anti Money Laundering) to allay the fears of regulators whose laws will have a direct impact on the operations of the DafriXchange platform. For example, the recent Crypto ban by the Central Bank of Nigeria makes it difficult for our growing Nigerian customers to access our product offering. DafriXchange cannot be blindsided by extreme policies like this. We are the first Crypto Exchange platform in the world to implement a Payment Agent (PA) feature on our platform- a feature to help break the logjam created by retrogressive crypto policies. The Payment Agent P2P mechanism enables individuals to independently exchange crypto/fiat without the involvement of the DafriXchange platform.

DBA Currency

The DBA Currency is a Digital Asset product of DafriGroup supported by all of its affiliate companies. Fiat currency has consistently lost its purchasing power and on the brink of losing its sovereignty paving the way for the latest trend in the creation of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) as countries transition to using digital assets as a potential safe haven in the face of economic crisis and a tool to reassert market dominance and power. China is the latest to implement a national cryptocurrency with its digital yuan. At least 45 central banks around the world are currently researching payment technologies that will culminate in a CBDC. Cryptocurrency is the future of money. The industry is in its early days with no universal playbook effectively throwing the leadership positions open to any who will seize the moment to develop and implement viable approaches for engaging the technology. With conscious knowledge of this impending reality, DafriGroup has thrown its hats in the ring by inventing the DBA Currency. Backed by a laundry list of subsidiaries and growing, the value of DBA Currency will appreciate over time. The currency will be the primary payment option across all of DafriGroup’s affiliates including OMAHA Hotels, Royal IVY, UMEH Motors, etc. Anyone anywhere will be able to purchase DBA Currency on the DafriXchange platform. Regions with unfavorable crypto policies such as Nigeria can also purchase DBA by using our P2P Payment Agent service.


No crystal gazer could have foretold the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies and if early projections hold, this is just the early stages for this dominant technology whose time has come. The illustrious ingenuity embodied by these 3 projects (DafriBank, DafriXchange Africa, and DBA Currency) introduced by DafriGroup is a clear statement that we have the wherewithal to lead this emerging asset class of cryptocurrency.



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DBA Currency

DBA Currency

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