DafriGroup PLC Payment Agents Initiative: Financial Inclusion And Empowerment All In One

Time and time again, DafriGroup PLC has stayed true to its mission of filling the void of efficient financial services for entrepreneurs as well as the unbanked and underbanked, ensuring financial inclusion and empowerment for everyone, and our latest initiative is no exception. DafriGroup introduces Payment Agents (PA), an initiative that will increase ease of access to the various product offerings of our subsidiaries, most especially DafriBank and DafriExchange. It is a partnership arrangement where Payment Agents are authorized to process transactions. Put simply, these Payment Agents will help people send money, withdraw money and facilitate other related transactions for DafriBank and DafriExchange users who are unable to process this transaction by themselves due to factors ranging from inadequate internet coverage and absence of relevant payment cards to not being internet-savvy amongst other issues. In addition to partnerships with several banks, our Payment Agent initiative will help build a stronger grassroots presence.

A section of our website will be dedicated to matching Payment Agents with clients who need them. Using our search feature anyone can find the contact information of Payment Agents in their locality willing to carry out specific transactions. Once a Payment Agent is chosen, the user will contact the agent privately to negotiate compensation for the service which will be in the range of 0.5% — 9% of the total amount of the transaction.

It is worth noting that these Payment Agents while in the service of DafriGroup and expected to abide by our terms and conditions, will work independently of the company and essentially serving as independent exchangers.

This initiative is a win-win for all the players. For DafriBank and DafriExchange, it’s another unique service that stands us out amongst other competitors in the digital banking and Crypto exchange markets as our platforms become available to users in far-flung corners of Africa. The partnership will also culminate in an influx of new customers for DafriGroup who are current clients of the Payment Agents. For the users, it means accessibility to efficient services with consummate ease and at their convenience. Perhaps the biggest benefits of this partnership are reserved for the agents themselves. It’s an additional source of revenue with the potential to grow into a full-time job. For example, as DafriExchange is set to be the biggest exchange platform in Africa, potentially high transaction volume will translate into strong returns for agents too since there’s no limit on the deposits and withdrawal transactions that can be facilitated by these agents daily.

Payment Agents can add their services as agents either as a standalone or within another business that they operate. This additional service will help enhance customer loyalty, giving customers (of Payment Agents) extra value.

There’s more. Over time, Payment Agents can take advantage of the growing reputation of DafriGroup’s many subsidiaries to scale their business, expand their client base, and bring additional business exposure. Agents will also benefit from the revenue sharing model (referral program) of DafriGroup’s subsidiaries that compensates users on all orders and transactions made by their referred clients. It gets even better, the flexibility of the arrangement means agents are not beholden to DafriGroup. Agents are allowed free rein to set their working hours, determine their commissions per transaction, and even end the partnership at any time. Indeed, this can be the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

Become a payment agent in DafriGroup today and begin your journey to a highly profitable business. For more information, email affiliate@dafrigroup.com

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