DafriBank Saves the Day on Twitter

M.G Mpho Moteka couldn’t have imagined what good fortune awaited him when he lamented his ill-luck on popular social media platform Twitter, having lost a boilers’ production worth 50 thousand Rands to a recent rainstorm. With no hope in sight, Mpho had thrown in the proverbial towel and quit his dream. Seeing the photographic evidence he posted, showing dead birds littering the floor of their shed, along with the words ‘I quit’ was gut-wrenching beyond words. For Mpho, this was the final stroke.

But in a sudden and fortuitous twist of fate, DafriBank had caught wind of the hashtag #SaveMphosBusiness started by South African Twitter influencer @SciTheComedist as a clarion call to good samaritans to ‘chip in what they can’ to save Moteka’s business. Without any hesitation, DafriBank stepped in to save the day volunteering to rescue Mpho’s business with the sum of R50 000.00 at the approval of DafriBank’s Chairman Xolane Ndhlovu. Indeed a remarkable display of empathy and altruism. This is what the African spirit is about. Helping each other achieve seemingly unattainable goals and dreams.

At this point, DafriBank’s humanitarianism is no surprise. This digital banking juggernaut has consistently come to the rescue of Africans everywhere as part of its broader mission to facilitate an economically prosperous African continent. During the still ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, DafriBank has reached out to remote African regions, distributing food items and other essential items. It also recently launched its 100 million naira educational empowerment program in Nigeria and has made other large donations to many under-resourced groups in other African countries.

Meanwhile, DafriBank starting in 2021 has immediate plans to be the preferred digital bank in Africa- a continent with the inglorious distinction of being amongst the most unbanked and poorest population in the world. DafriBank is changing the narrative one little step at a time.

DafriBank helped Mpho and can help grow your business too. DafriBank is on a mission to achieve a better Africa.

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