Announcement: Extension of Token Sale Dates

Dear DBA community,

We thank you all for your continued support and commitment. Please be assured that our vision remains on track. But we are a company that listens to the yearnings of its community, as our goal remains to benefit everyone leaving no one out. We have recently received a growing number of messages in our inbox (on telegram and other social media) from many potential investors who have requested that we extend the dates for the commencement of the token sale to present you more time to complete the mandatory KYC and registration on DafriExchange. After careful consideration, DBA management has agreed to extend the token sale dates to ensure everyone has equal footing and purchase the tokens at the lowest prices. Yes, we have listened to you. Going ahead with the planned date would have resulted in many missing out as we are still a community of a few thousand, and there’s a need for more growth if we are to achieve widespread adoption.

We know that many are eagerly anticipating the start of the token sales. DBA Management commends you all for your patience. But this extension will serve a greater good, and we all should embrace it. We advise the community to use this extension as an opportunity to set aside more funds and promote the DBA community more extensively. For members who have completed KYC and registration, this is a great time to promote DafriExchange using their unique referral links. Now is not a time to relax or relent. It’s a time to keep the zeal burning.

It is true that as little as seven investors are enough to buy out all the DBA tokens available for sale (70 Million DBA tokens), and right now, the number of registered users on DafriExchange is enough to do that, but this will not be in the majority’s best interest. DBA’s commitment remains to touch as many lives as possible all over Africa, which is why this extension presents an opportunity for the DBA team to launch a more aggressive campaign to enable everyone, everywhere, to take part in this unique opportunity. It will also be a time to re-evaluate all the processes involved to ensure a hitch-free launch.

While you wait for the announcement of new dates for the token sales, we encourage you all to prioritize growing the DBA community on Telegram. Most importantly, let us continue to show our support to new members by answering questions, assisting the Admin when we can, and spreading positivity in the group. DBA will never forget the loyalty of its members.

In conclusion, we understand that many will have questions and concerns. We encourage you to share them with us, but please do so politely and in a way that will not threaten our community’s decorum.

DBA remains the future of payments and remittances in Africa. But our journey to success is a marathon, not a sprint. Only with endurance and patience would we cross the finish line. Thank you for sticking with us.

Warm regards,
DBA Management

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