The Big Reveal

Our position on unsold $DBA tokens after STO.

Every cryptocurrency is unique in itself, and DBA is certainly no different.

We envisioned selling out all allocated tokens during STO but so far there are still unsold DBA tokens from phase 2, 3, 4 and probably still counting.

Being a community driven project, it’s of necessity we reveal what we intend to do with unsold DBA tokens.

Putting all pros and cons in check, we have narrowed our choice to these 4 options. …

No Airdrop?

Understanding our no airdrop policy.

Everyone like freebies but is ‘free’ really ‘free’?.

Of course, we do like to maximise every marketing opportunity that best align with our goals even freebies. You can call us; Mr Nice Guy.

One thing is fundamental, our goals will ultimately drive the course.

Let’s give you the full gist of why we do what we do:

A rare breed of zebras found a new planet full of diverse mineral resources. Yes, they found a treasure but a planet is nothing without people right?. So these zebras say to themselves; ‘let’s invite other…

DafriGroup PLC a company renowned for its commitment to providing Afrocentric solutions to new age challenges has recently introduced 3 new projects simultaneously each connected and with far-reaching effects for a new and progressive African economy. The projects include DafriBank, DafriXchange Africa, and DBA currency.

The common denominator is that these projects are all projected to be huge players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry albeit to varying degrees. …

The Digital Bank of Africa, DBA is pleased to announce to the general public the start of its much anticipated token sales on DafriExchange. 70 million DBA currency are available for sales during The 7-month long token sales which will conclude on September 15, 2021.

The last few weeks have witnessed a large throng of DBA community members and supporters complete their KYC and registration on DafriExchange in preparation for the token sales. All is set as the token sales commenced today.

In several ways, this is a historic moment much similar to Bitcoin’s inception. DBA represents a lot for…

M.G Mpho Moteka couldn’t have imagined what good fortune awaited him when he lamented his ill-luck on popular social media platform Twitter, having lost a boilers’ production worth 50 thousand Rands to a recent rainstorm. With no hope in sight, Mpho had thrown in the proverbial towel and quit his dream. Seeing the photographic evidence he posted, showing dead birds littering the floor of their shed, along with the words ‘I quit’ was gut-wrenching beyond words. For Mpho, this was the final stroke.

The last few days have seen the CBN’s letter prohibiting financial institutions from facilitating payments for cryptocurrency exchanges receive wild reactions from the general public. The content of the letter itself isn’t new and meant only to reiterate the Apex bank’s position on cryptocurrency exchange and related activities expressed as far back as 2017. According to the recent letter non-compliance with this directive will incur severe sanctions. The ban is perplexing considering just recently in September 2020 the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission announced plans to formulate a legal framework for cryptocurrencies.

A lot has been speculated and espoused by…

DafriGroup PLC and its subsidiary companies have signed a merchant service agreement (MSA) with Flutterwave Payment Solutions to integrate their tested and proven payment gateway to DafriExchange and DafriBank platforms.

This will usher in a new world of possibilities that remain aligned with DafriGroup’s mission of expanding financial access to the unbanked and underbanked all over Africa.

Amongst other benefits, the Flutterwave collaboration will ensure that DafriGroup’s cross-border payment services are further streamlined and our users can send and receive funds with consummate ease anywhere in Africa and beyond without compromising speed, efficiency, affordability, and security. …

Time and time again, DafriGroup PLC has stayed true to its mission of filling the void of efficient financial services for entrepreneurs as well as the unbanked and underbanked, ensuring financial inclusion and empowerment for everyone, and our latest initiative is no exception. DafriGroup introduces Payment Agents (PA), an initiative that will increase ease of access to the various product offerings of our subsidiaries, most especially DafriBank and DafriExchange. It is a partnership arrangement where Payment Agents are authorized to process transactions. Put simply, these Payment Agents will help people send money, withdraw money and facilitate other related transactions for…

DafriBank’s Unique Debit Card: A Lifetime Access To A Better Lifestyle

DafriBank’s unique debit card will enrich your lifestyle by assisting you at every step of your payment journey. This ultra-modern card comes in multiple variants depending on the type of DafriBank account you operate, with each chock-full of unique features and advantages that are tailored to meet your every need. Its payment features are indeed exceptional. Now you can pay and withdraw from anywhere in the world. Ever concerned about the financial health of all our customers, the Debit card has features that ensure you never exceed your budget by notifying you after every card activity and keeps track of…

DafiGroup PLC is pleased to announce that it has reached a definitive agreement with the UMEH group and has acquired OMAHA Hotels, a leading chain of luxury hotels.

This acquisition will further strengthen the DafriGroup brand. DafriGroup aims to build on OMAHA hotels’ proven track record of success by expanding its scope of services and implementing policies that will further foster the sustainability and growth of the luxury brand.

Since the acquisition, Omaha hotels have been renovated and is now open to the general public.

This acquisition is part of DafriGroup’s ongoing plan to accelerate the growth of Africa’s economy…

DBA Currency

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